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HELP: anyone wanna take in a guinea pig?

31. August 2014

Here’s the story: My friend’s guinea pigs had a bunch of babies and they kept breeding and stuff. Some Ecuadorian people wanted to take the babies and then cook them because it’s a delicacy in their culture. My friend Sean and I both took one to help save them. I couldn’t find a home for it and eventually named it. We were keeping them at my friend Sean’s house for a week or so. My friend Vanessa saves animals and she was willing to take in one of the guinea pigs (the one I named). Now, her house is being renovated and she can’t keep the tiny animals at her house anymore. My boyfriend is going back to college so we can’t really keep it in his house. He has a very large dog and a cat that don’t get along. We can’t bring it to my house because I have a monster called a two year old little brother and 2 dogs.

If you live in New Jersey, please contact me ASAP if you would like to take in a guinea pig or know anyone who would like to help.


Arguably the sound of DCI 2014. 


Boston Crusaders, DCI finals, Aug. 9, Indianapolis.

Bluecoats 2014