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Marching Band Is Cool.

If you ain't talkin' band, I don't wanna talk.

live-for-books said: So I'm a freshman and I've only just been told that I'm not playing loud enough ever. Do you have any tips for fixing my volume to where it should be? I play trombone

More air support and control!

Can I throw it back to my last minute performance at Rahway Day?


I think I’ve hit a couple clarinetists with my flag this year (or at least made contact with their instrument during this one pass-through) but what scares me the most is that when I apologized, they replied “wait no you didn’t hit me” did I cause memory loss oh god I’m so sorry

Anonymous said: clarinets?

What about them?

Anonymous said: how do you feel about intersection dating?

I’m fine with it! My boyfriend played low brass and I’m primarily a woodwind!

Send me stuff yo

14. September 2014

Much rain. No plumes. Such interesting.
The rain couldn’t stop us at our first home game!