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Oh Yeah! Marching Band!

This one is for all you band geeks out there (:

I woke up like dis (seriously) 👲 this is what my hair does when I don’t straighten or brush it after I wake up lol.

Cavaliers 2011


Bluecoats drum break in Denton. This guys are filthy


Carolina Crown, 2014.
By pchagnon images.


man i got some crazy shit lined up this summer

  • band
  • uh

Thrift Shop (The Band Geek Edition)

22. July 2014


I’m gonna pop some brass
Only got a piccolo in my pocket
I-I’m percussion
Lookin for a drummer
This is fluting awesome

Walk up into the club like, “What up, I got a big horn!”
I’m so pumped, I bought a Tuba from the music store.
Ice in the water, there ain’t none cause it’s band camp.
The people like, “Dang, all we wanted was a break, man.”

  • Mellophone player: Are we high brass, low brass, or with the saxes this season?
  • Director: Yes.


Plot twist: The reed breaks you.

  • *band member gets hit by a flag*
  • band member: i just came out to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
  • tenor sax player: are we woodwinds or low brass
  • band director: yes